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Anti-moth red cedar oil

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Get rid of those annoying moths! 10 ml of pure, concentrated cedar oil. Cedar oil is extracted from the cedar tree (Ceder atlantic), which belongs to the coniferous trees. This tree can grow up to 40 meters! Cedar trees have a natural resistance mechanism against insects. This is why they are never infested by insects and why cedar wood and oil are extremely effective as insect repellents. Besides that, cedar wood has a wonderful aroma.


After a while, the aroma in cedar wood blocks and discs can start to fade. Once a year you can refresh the aroma by putting a few drops of oil on a cloth and rub the blocs and disks with the cloth. Besides using the oil as a moth repellent, you can also mix a few drops with massage oil for a wonderfully vitalising effect!

Even though the cedar oil is a 100% natural product, it is very concentrated and therefore toxic when taken in orally. Should this happen, please contact medical services right away. 


Brand: Redecker
Made in: Germany
Content: 10ml


Concentrated oil extracted from cedar wood (100%).