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Amber Ladies Necklace with Gemstones 45 cm - Rose Quartz/Lemon

€25,95 Outside eu €21,45


The beloved and beautiful amber necklaces. They come in different colours and sizes, with and without gemstones.


Baltic amber is fossil resin from Scandinavian conifers about 44 million years old. So, contrary to what the name suggests, amber is fossilised resin and not a stone. It is light, not cold and feels nice on the skin.


The baby amber bracelets are available with the gemstones Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Turquoise and Amethyst. Gemstones come in the most beautiful colours, but each also have their own effect. For example, Rose Quartz provides protection against radiation, fosters a better night's sleep and gives self-confidence. Amethyst is a friend to petty brooders and helps with sore throats, coughs, stomachaches and headaches. Moonstone is the stone of hope and enhances the feminine qualities. Turquoise protects and helps against anxiety and tension.


Not sure about the size of the necklace? Then cut a string to the appropriate length (45 cm and 64 cm) and adjust this to see what you like. Note: By wearing the amber jewellery, the buttons between the beads will be pulled a little tighter over time, which will eventually lengthen the necklace or bracelet a little.


The amber jewellery are handmade in Lithuania. They close easily with a twist lock. They are made to break for safety under too much pressure. Each stone is also tied separately, which prevents stones from coming off during a break, which your child could swallow. Super nice!


Made in: Lithuania
Certification: Certified amber
Length: 45 cm
Material: Amber, Rose Quartz
Amber type: Polished
Color: Yellow, rose


Made of Baltic Amber (100%), Rose Quartz