Pacifier Natural Rubber - Vanilla

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Popular BIBS pacifier in retro design made from natural rubber from Denmark. Why are they so popular? It is the hip design in combination with the beautiful colours and the natural rubber material. The pacifier has a lightweight shield turned backwards to ventilate the baby’s skin, and so it is easily caught by the smallest, and is less likely to fall out of the mouth. The vent holes protect from being sucked vacuum.

Note: Bibs supplies their pacifiers without packaging and paper instructions for use. Like all pacifiers, the Bibs must be sterilised in boiled water before the first use. Read the instructions for use alongside.


- A classic pacifier with a traditional round shield and a cherry teat, used in Denmark since 50 years.
- Bibs has the most colours of pacifiers on the market and regularly extends them.
- The pacifier is designed to support the sucking reflex and has the appearance of a breast.
- The pacifier is made of 100% natural rubber. The rubber feels soft, flexible and natural to suck.
- The shield is made of Polypropylene (PP).
- The lightweight round shield deflects from the face, allowing air to flow into the fine skin around the mouth and preventing irritation. 


Brand: Bibs
Made in: Denmark
Material: Made of 100% natural rubber and shield of polypropylen.
Three Sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18+ months
Color: Vanilla


- Sterilise the pacifier in boiled water. Please remove the pan from the stove and wait a moment before putting the pacifier in it. If water gets into the teat, squeeze it out. It is not harmful.
- Check the pacifier completely before each use.
- Wash and sterilise the pacifier daily. Do not use a microwave or dishwasher, this affects the natural rubber.
- Replace the pacifier at the first damage. And do not use them longer than 4-6 weeks for safety (erosion of the natural rubber) and hygiene.
- If the baby accidentally takes the pacifier too far in the mouth, gently take it out. The three holes in the shield prevent the baby from choking.
- Bibs recommends not to dip the teat in sugary or medicated drinks as this is harmful to the health (of the teeth) of the baby.
- The teat is made of natural rubber, which can occasionally lead to an allergic reaction.
- Only use pacifier holders tested according to standard EN 12586. Never connect other ribbons or cords to the teat.
- This product complies with the European standard EN 1400 + A1.
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