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Baby Pants With Scratch Protection Wool/Silk - Green

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Cosilana baby pants made of certified organic wool and silk. The fabric is very soft and lightweight and helps your baby to regulate temperature. Wool keeps us warm and saves 1/3 humidity up to its own weight without feeling wet. Silk is smooth and soft and gives our skin a feeling of well-being. Cotton stabilizes the garment and is highly tolerated by people suffering from allergies. The pants have scratch protection to keep the feet of your little one warm.


The Cosilana pants falls to regular sizes. To choose the right size you can compare it with a piece of clothing already in use by your baby.


You don’t need to wash wool very often. Wool wax in the wool fiber is water and dirt repellent and the natural lanoline content acts antibacterial. The garment can be cleaned by hand in cold or lukewarm water. Avoid temperature fluctuations of the water, nor wring or rub to prevent shrinkage and fouling.


Brand: Cosilana
Made in: Germany
Certifications: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Fabric: Wool and silk
Washing instructions: 30°C hand wash using wool detergent
Colour: Green


Made of organic wool (70%) and organic silk (30%).