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Fine knitted merino booties - grey melange

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Hvid fine knitted merino booties, grey melange. No more cold feet for your little one with these wonderful Hvid booties made of merino wool! These booties are praised for a perfect fit on the heel. The little tie trim ensures the booties will stay in place. Available in a wide range of beautiful colours, and in sizes 0-9 months and 9-15 months!

Please note that, due to the movement of baby's feet, pilling will occur. This pilling will stop after several times wearing. 


Wool is self-cleaning, so there's no need to wash the booties often. If one of the booties has a stain, you can clean it easily and best locally. Hanging wool outside for a night or in a damp bathroom will make it smell all nice and fresh again! Need a wash anyway? Wash the booties by hand. Use a small amount of wool detergent and lukewarm (not cold!) water of 30ºC maximum. Avoid pinching, wringing and rubbing, but gently squeeze the water out of the wool between your hands or a towel from clothing. Horizontal drying gives the best result, since wool forms according to how it dries.


Brand: Hvid
Made in: Belgium
Material: wool
Quality mark: Oeko-tex
Colour: grey melange


0-9 months: length 9,5 cm; width 6 cm
9-15 months: length 10,50 cm; width 6,5 cm


Made of soft Italian merino wool (100%).