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Fuzz remover from the brand Gleener. Wool fibers can break, hook and curl into small balls when wearing and washing wool. We call these balls "pills". This is a natural property of wool: they are almost inevitable with alpaca, merino or other wool combinations. With this fuzz remover, you take the pills off your clothes and your garment becomes new again. The great thing about it is that there are no blades that can cause holes in the clothing. Depending on the size of the fuzz, choose one of the three attachments supplied. A relaxing evening job on the couch!


Lay your garment flat and keep it tight. Gently move the fuzz remover from top to bottom over the "pilled" area. Make long strokes until the garment is free of fuzz again. If necessary, you can remove the removed fuzz from the fuzz remover in between.


Brand: Gleener
Made in: Canada