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Natural Rubber Soother/Pacifier Oval XS

€3,95 Outside eu €3,26


This natural, soft and flexible rubber pacifier from Goldi is extra smooth, with no grip on the outside. It is designed for breastfeeding mothers with newborns and ideal for in the sling or baby carrier. This way your baby can lie comfortably against your chest. The soft teat has an oval shape and the size XS: It can be used from birth. Goldi's pacifiers are safe and completely natural: free from plasticizers (BPA), parabens and PVC. 

Sometimes your baby will cry for no apparent reason. He or she is not hungry and the diaper has just been changed. Then a pacifier can be a solution. A pacifier can provide for the sucking needs of your baby, but also provides relaxation. As a parent you want a pacifier that is responsible and natural. That's where the Goldi pacifiers come into play. The pacifiers are made of 100% natural rubber. They are soft, flexible, yet resistant to tearing and biting. The openings in the ring area prevent the pacifier from sucking in and prevent redness and rash. Please read safety instructions below before use.


Check the pacifier before each use and replace it once it has a strange shape or sticks together when you squeeze it. The pacifier has direct contact with the oral mucosa and the first small teeth. Regular cleaning is therefore very important. Only clean the teat with clean water! Cook the Goldi pacifier regularly in boiling water. Do not immerse the teat in boiling water for more than two minutes to preserve the natural material. Depending on usage, the pacifiers last between 2.5 and 4 months.

- Maintain and sterilise the pacifier according to the package instructions
- Never dip the teat in sweet drinks or medicines as this can stimulate dental erosion
- Take the pacifier out of the mouth when your child falls asleep
- Do not use the pacifier to calm your child without checking any underlying complaints
- Breastfeeding mothers are advised to offer the pacifier after feeding.

Note: from a hygienic point of view, teats cannot be exchanged or returned.


Brand: Goldi Sauger
Made in: Germany
Material: Rubber
Shape: Oval XS


Made of (100%) natural rubber.