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Lamp of Himalayan salt. The beautiful color of the Himalayan Salt provides a nice warm light. Great for the nursery but also for mom's bedside table. So that you do not have to turn on unpleasantly bright light during the night feedings. In addition to the fine atmosphere that the lamp gives, the salt also has special effects. For example, it purifies the air because it creates negative ions and absorbs positive ions (which cause complaints such as headaches, sleeping problems and stress). Because the salt lamp is a natural product, each lamp is unique in shape and colour. The lamp comes with a cord and a pear. 


The included pear is actually a "bridging pear". Very nice if you can turn on the lamp immediately upon receipt! The salt lamp does best when you buy a good quality pear. Suitable pears are pears for the oven of 15-25 watts. Osram has these pears, for example. A bulb with a copper fitting has a longer lifespan than a bulb with an aluminum fitting. Ledd lamps are not suitable, they generate too little watts. Once a correct pear has been purchased, the salt lamp can easily burn for hours a day!

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Brand: Himalayazout
Weight: 2.5 to 3.5 kg


Made of Himalayan salt (100%).