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Popolini iobio

Healing Wool Fleece Natural - 20 gr

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Natural wool fleece. Perfect for sore baby bums and nipple fissures. This so-called 'healing wool', is an age-old remedy that prevents and treats inflammation. Use tufts of the Popolini wool for diaper rash or nipple fissures, for example. Healing wool is a 100% natural medicine, it releases natural lanolin (wool fat), which reduces inflammation. It ensures that the skin can breathe, provides optimal ventilation and absorbs moisture.


Place a tuft of wool fleece on the inflamed body part. Let this sit for 12-24 hours. After this period, you switch tufts when the complaints are not over.


You clean the wool by placing it outside in the sun for a day. Do not wash healing wool.


Brand: Popolini iobio
Made in: Hungary
Approval: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Material: Wool
Quantity: 20 grams


Made of organic virgin wool (100%)